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Pharmaceutical Translation

Our team includes native specialists who know the industry can ensure classified, comprehensive, and reliable pharmaceutical translation and localization services for our clients.

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Pharmaceutical Translation & Localization Services

— What is it and Why is it important? —

Pharmaceutical translation services are written translations prepared at various stages of drug development. It might sound hard to believe, but translation services play a critical role in the pharmaceutical industry as it contributes to the process of bringing newly developed drugs to the global market.

From research to drug manufacturing and labeling, it is essential to maintain high-quality translation services. In addition to its vital role in the distribution of drugs worldwide, accurate translation is imperative in keeping consumers safe.

The pharmaceutical industry is bound by multiple rules and regulations, which vary from country to country. This is one of the reasons why pharmaceutical translations have such a unique niche in the translation industry. A small mistake could lead to a financial loss, a lawsuit, or even loss of life. Therefore, to prevent irreversible consequences, translation services with several layers of quality control are necessary.

MOBICO by Saltlux Innovation
— Multilingual Translators

A team of experts that provide high-quality pharmaceutical translation services

As mentioned, the pharmaceutical industry is a particular field where a small error in translation could lead to irreversible consequences. If the translators have no experience in the area, they might encounter equivalence issues and produce mistakes that might lead to financial loss, lawsuits, or even put someone’s life in danger.

To avoid these risks, instead of choosing unreliable and uncertified language service providers, we advise you to seek out experts with real-life experiences at MOBICO. We have over 40 years of experience working with all types of medical, healthcare, and pharmaceutical documentation. We assure you of quality and error-free translations that help you achieve your global goals.

Who needs pharmaceutical translation services?

MOBICO has provided services for clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, medical facilities, pharmaceutical companies, drug manufacturers, research organizations, etc. Within 40+ years of working in the industry, we guarantee our customers a fast, accurate, and error-free translation.

MOBICO’s Pharmaceutical Translation Services

What we do

For more than 40 years, MOBICO has provided translation services for many organizations and companies. From clinical tests to medical research, we guarantee fast and error-free translation with 24/7 support. Moreover, our quality assurance process and strict procedure that comply with internationally recognized standards will ensure you with 100% accurate translations.

We translate materials into more than 180 languages.

We provide 24/7 support regardless of where you are.

All project information is kept confidential with a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Guarantee to provide you with 100% accurate translations that comply with the international standards, including ISO 9001 and ISO 17100.

Types of content we support

We provide translation services that cover a wide range of documents.

Clinical Research

Patents & Manuals

Clinical Trial Documents

Drug Packaging & Labeling

Protocol Documents

Patient Information Leaflets (PIL)

Training Documents

Summary Of Product Characteristics (SPC)

Our Advantages

We guarantee to provide you with highly qualified and skillful linguists with years of experience translating in the medical field.

Possess a BA, MSc., Ph.D. degree majoring in medicine, pharmaceuticals, clinical testing, and more.

Years of experience working directly at hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, or in the general medical field.

Experience in translating for different projects and familiar with various document types such as instructions for use, medical record, research, and more.

MOBICO acquires 2 renowned ISO certifications for our translation and localization services: ISO 9001:2015 certificate and ISO 17100:2020 certificate. These certifications indicate that our quality management process is internationally recognized. They also reflect our company services’ continuous improvements.

MOBICO is an active member of 2 renowned associations that connect and support professionals and organizations in the global language industry: the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) and the Japanese Translation Federation (JTF). Our partnership with GALA and JTF broadens the opportunities to share expertise while also advancing the global development of translation businesses.

With a team of linguists that are located worldwide, we can provide fast and on-time translation for our customers regardless of space and time. In addition, our team of PMs here at MOBICO always strives to provide our customers with the best support 24/7.

Wide range of translators located around the globe that can provide translation for more than 63 language pairs.

A team of PMs that is fully aware of the importance of providing support on time.

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We embrace holistic development and support to become a first-choice Language Service Provider within our sectors.

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