Upcoming AI era, the reason why translation companies exist

21-03-17 15:51


Translation is an essential area for international activities, which is why translation companies exist all over the world.

However, due to the development of the machine translation, there's prospect that translation companies will be replaced. 

Despite of that, how coould the companies exist?

Follow-up support

By using machine translation, you can check it right away beacause it focuses only on the translation, but if you need to modify the translation or other verification, it requires additional effort. However, if you give the job to the translation company, they can provid as much follow-up support as possible even if the PM in charge has finished the job.

Provide additional services and information


These days, some translation companies provide not only translation. they provide additional servides such as DTP, TW, SI, and others as well. Therefore, when you give a job to the translation company, sometimes you can have a chance to acquire useful information, and you can use those services at a much lower price.

Provide professional translation services

In general, the translation service provided by the translation company is largely divided into Human Translation, which is translated by a professional translator and MTPE, which is edited by language experts after machine translation. In addition, depending on the situation in which translation is needed, service levels can be selected more professionally, such as simple translation, translation and acceptance, translation+reduction+native language review. 

These were the reasons why the translation companies should exist.

If you just want to know the general meaning of the word, it's fine to use machine translation such as Google. 

However, if you need translation for international activities, especially for business purposes, 

it is best to work with the translation company for better quality and services. 

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