The Pride of Saltlux Partners, VTC

21-03-17 14:46


Unlike other translation companies, Saltlux Partners boasts a dual operating system of 

headquarter in Seoul and its branch in Vietnam.

VTC (Vietnam Translation Center) is a translation office established by Saltlux Partners in May 2017 to carry out rapid translation projects, respond quickly to and manage overseas customers, and develop expertise in translation PM.


When carrying out translation projects, customers often request work as fast as high quality. Established to revive this, VTC is currently playing an important role in the project. The purpose of establishing VTC and process of translation project are as follows.


Purpose of establishing VTC: Specialization

-Role of Seoul PM: 
Foucus on customer management, overall responsibility of the project, through monitoring of work progress, dual quality control with VTC PM.

- Role of VTC PM: 
Communication with vendors, freelance translators, quick delivery of translation Query, QA check, consistency check, etc. to manage quality.


Project Progress

- Check the order target: 
If Seoul PM uploads after calculationg the quantity, divide each vendor's language and reconfirm the package abnormality.

- Vendor Head-up and HQ: 
Prepare for heads-up to prepare for vendor full schedule. Ordering packages with instructions and references for each vendor's language.

-Query Resolution: 
Communicationg questions in progress immediately to the Seoul PM. Sharing and managing multiple languages simultaneously.

-QA check and quality control, HB: 
Check mechanically verifiable items (double spaces, numbers, tags, etc.). Check the consistency of terms and UI. Ensure compliance with the instructions. Query Verify answer is reflected. Double confirmation at the Vietnamese branch and the headquarter in Seoul.


Through close cooperation between the Seoul and VTC branches, Saltlux Partners will proceed simultaneously.

We achived results in reduced translation time, repid and accurate cistomer response and issue resolution, and improved quality management.

If you are looking for a faster and more accurate translation, please use the service of Saltlux Partners, 

which operates two translation centers in Korea and Vietnam.

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