Professional Translation
Translators and reviewers made up of industry-leading experts
in each field provide high-quality professional translation.
Expert Translation and Review
  • Medical Professional
    Professional supervision from domestic medical equipment, medical technical documents, reagent projects, dental, etc.
  • Jurist
    Professional supervision from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Keimyung University Law School, Hallym University Law School, US lawyers, etc
  • IT Professional
    SW, APP, network, AI, ICT professional supervision
  • Patent Expert
    Selected as an English abstract translation company by Korea Institute of Patent Information for the last 4 consecutive years, supervised patent documents
  • Industry Expert
    Specialized supervision of experts in heavy equipment, machinery, and medical equipment
High level of understanding
We provide the best translation by accurately grasping the characteristics and terms of the field.
Specialty Translation Cases
  • Public Institutions
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Industrial Technology
  • Medical Treatment
  • IT
Specialized Translation Process


Checking the pricing and schedule according to the field, document type, and difficulty level

Kick-off Meeting

Glossary, style guide verification and quality sampling

Translation Progress

Translation, Review, Proofreading, QA

Expert supervision

Translation, Review,Proofreading,QA,DTP,LSO

Client confirmation

Review and apply feedback

Sign-off and data backup

TM, glossary, style guide update